How to wipe a computer windows 7
How to wipe a computer windows 7

Our PC is our asset. It deserves maintenance and care while using it. In our previous articles, we help you out in resolving issues of laptops and PC. You can easily optimize the performance of a computer or rename your PC by getting help from our articles. Here in this article, we will explain how to wipe a computer windows 7. 

How to start 

We strongly recommend that whenever you want to reset your PC or reset factory settings, do the backup. Taking the backup of your precious files is crucial before you wipe a computer windows 7. We mainly wipe out a PC when we are updating it or selling it. It is essential to wipe out all data eliminating the possibility that the new owner recovers your personal data afterwards. The steps we are going to mention below only satisfy how to wipe a computer windows 7. So do not try it on any other windows version. 

Back up

Before taking the backup of your device, to analyze how much space requires creating the backup. As you are going to create a backup for the future, so use an external hard drive to create the backup. Sometimes a server also helps you to store things other than the hard drive. You can find out how much space you will need for backup by clicking on the icon of the drive for which you want to create a backup. A USB drive also helps you in taking a backup of your precious data. Make it a habit to copy your data on an external hard drive. As it not only help you at the time of updating your PC, but sometimes system crash or any other unexpected event occurs. So, you must always have a backup. 

Uninstall or delete programs 

After you take backup on external hard drive or USB, start removing Software or applications form your PC. Make sure you have kept the copies of license and programs as a backup so you could use it on your new PC. Now go to the control panel and select the Software and programs and uninstall them. 

Delete the content of PC

After uninstalling Software now, there is a turn to delete the contents of the PC. Carefully check all files and folders and remove the content. After deleting, check the recycle and also empty the content from there. There is another authentic method by which you can erase the content, and that is by using the eraser tool. It deletes all the PC content only by selecting the accounts on PC. 

If you want that the new user gets the PC with new content, then erase the contents with the help of DBAN. 

How to delete content using DBAN?

Follow these simple steps with care while using DBAN

  1. Download DBAN
  2. Use a DVD to make a copy of it
  3. Restart your PC and then unzip the DBAN folder on DVD. It will smoothly erase all the content. 


If, by any chance, you want to reinstall windows after the DBAN process, then go to the control panel and then find reinstall windows. In the recovery, the menu selects the advanced recovery method and then chooses the reinstall window. It will again install the previous version of windows. 

Clear cache and cookies 

If there is no plan of re-installation, then clear cookies and do not forget to sign out. Check for the saved passwords in the browser and delete all the save passwords. Moreover, clear cache, cookies, and all the browsing history and then hand it over to the new owner. 

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